Sharon and Graham Andrew are ready and waiting to move into their Gulf Rise villa late August along with their adorable dogs Molly and Missy.

They love the fact that Gulf Rise is pet friendly, because being without their furry companions was not going to be an option. Coming from Orewa, they looked at a number of residential retirement options but went with Gulf Rise for many reasons. Sharon is very social and loves the area, knowing there are lots of cafes and great places to eat in close proximity – always important! Graham loves the open nature of the village. “Quite a few of the ones we saw seemed locked in, but this is really open to the area around it. There’s going to be a cafe which is open to the public which means we’ll get a variety of people coming in and out, not just residents.” says Graham.

The couple were attracted by the fact that it was the type of living they were used to in their own home, with high ceilings and enough space for their super king bed. The pool was a huge drawcard as well, as they both enjoy water Aerobics. Even better, Graham thinks he might finally get some use out of the petanque set he’s had for ten years in the cupboard. “We love the gardening situation too. The raised vegetable gardens were you can pitch in and grow cabbages and lettuce or whatever else, and talk to your neighbours while you’re doing it.” says Graham “You just need to make sure you grow a bigger one than the other guy!”

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