Pat Jeffreys, was a ward clerk at Auckland and North Shore hospital for close to 30 years. The role was originally known as ward hostess, but when management realised the ‘hostesses’ were really running the wards they removed the hostess epaulettes on the uniform.

A keen walker, gym-goer, Red Hatter, and peninsula local, Pat became one of Gulf Rise’s first residents when she moved in in September. She even adopted a feral cat, Boost, who has now found everything he needs in life alongside her in their villa.

“I needed to downsize and move on and I had been looking for a year or so. I looked at retirement villages and ummed and aaahed – I just didn’t think I wanted to do it. My quality of life was good and I wanted it to carry on – I didn’t want to downgrade. And I wanted to stay on the Peninsula – I feel happy here. It’s an emotional decision. But this place ticked all the boxes and I loved it from when I first wandered around. The staff treat us as equals, not as if we’re elderly. I didn’t feel like I was giving anything up by coming here – on the contrary, I have a great lifestyle.”

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