Design Story

Moving into Gulf Rise isn’t the same as moving into a typical retirement village – it has been master planned down to the very finest detail, and designed for living well.

Gulf Rise will become known for its innovative, people-friendly design.

We have considered the positioning of every building to provide maximum sunshine and connectivity to central amenities, like the beautifully landscaped pavilions, lush gardens, butterfly walkway and reserve. The Village Heart is the social centre of Gulf Rise, where you can invite friends to enjoy amenities like the buzzing café, a sunny and relaxing place to watch the world go by.

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NOTE: This is a 3D artist impression only, and is subject to change at anytime. 

Gulf Rise has been deliberately designed without obtrusive fences or gates. The village blends seamlessly with neighbouring streets and amenities.

It’s a design meant for those who value elegance and a sense of community in contemporary living – a secure retreat to recharge, reflect and enjoy what matters most.

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